Developed by Nexon, Maple Story is a side-scrolling multiplayer online game

Developed by Nexon, Maple Story is a side-scrolling massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG), featuring 2D graphics. The game play takes place in Maple World, where players travel defeating monsters and developing their characters’ abilities and skills. As it is a role-playing game, players can interact with other players around the world by chatting, trading and playing minigames. Maple Story main objective is to hunt down and battle monsters and protect you character during the process. You can choose among 4 paths to follow during the game play and your choice will define your life within Maple Story: you can rush into the battle as a fearless Warrior, or take aim as a persistent Bowman, or tiptoe in the shadows as a silent Thief, or try your mystical powers as a Magician. With Maple Story it has been proved that the 2D world is not as flat as it is usually said. The game can be played for free what makes it really interesting since lots of people around the world enjoy Maple Story and Maple World representing a non-top growing community.

Vanesa Paez
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  • Free to play
  • 4 game paths to choose
  • 2D game rich graphics


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